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The Complete

Breathwork & Pranayama Course

Take control of your well-being and experience the transformative power of your breath!

Are you struggling to find work-life balance?
Are you dealing with career pressure that’s leading you to burnout?
Do you want to improve your mental state but don’t know where to start?

then this is the course for you

Breathwork is a powerful tool for
enhancing physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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Reduce burnout & fatigue

Relieve stress and anxiety

Calm the restless mind

Boost energy and immunity

Improve focus and concentration

Balance in your nervous system

Strengthen your respiratory system

Improve your quality of sleep

Mend trauma and help cure depression, PTSD and addiction

Elevate your mood and state of consciousness

Our course is designed to help you understand and incorporate breathwork into your daily life, bringing benefits that

What's Included

Whether you're a busy professional seeking a way to manage stress, or simply looking for a new way to connect with your mind and body, our breathwork course has something for everyone. Transform includes:

In-depth Video Lessons:

Our video lessons teach you the science behind breathwork and guide you through various techniques, from basic breathing exercises to advanced practices.

Practice Sessions:

Our practice sessions will give you the opportunity to put your new skills into action, helping you develop a daily routine and integrating breathwork into your life.

Personal Support:

Our PranaFlo community is available to answer questions and provide feedback, helping you get the most out of your breathwork journey.

Over 60+ video lessons:

  • 34 Guided Practice Sessions

               (10 - 20 MINS daily for 5 weeks)

  • 19 Video Lessons

  • 4 Warm Up Exercise Videos

  • 4 Bonus classes on Bandhas

  • 1 Course Intro Video

  • 1 Course Guidelines

  • 1 Five Week Calendar Download

  • 1 Bonus Journal Prompt Booklet Download

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Access: 100% online, for life

Price: $129

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We believe that everyone has the potential
to enhance their well-being through breathwork.

Our course is designed to make this accessible and achievable, no matter your prior experience or skill level

Each module is designed to cultivate safety in your body and restore balance in the nervous system, while slowly peeling off the layers of your being that may be limiting you.

Scroll through each Module to Learn More

The Foundation of Breathing
(13 Lessons)

We learn how to breathe properly and gain better control of our entire breathing system. The techniques that we practice in Module 1 will be the foundation for the rest of the course.

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You'll also get

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"I had been suffering from work-related stress on my back and shoulders due to bad posture, and primarily due to incorrect breathing throughout my day. This is now a daily practice for me, and though I’m still acclimating to being more frequently aware of my own breathing, Amanda’s exercises have made it very simple for me to achieve this."

- Lina G.

- Estefania L.

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So glad to finally meet you my friend, 

My name is Amanda 

Certified Breathwork Instructor & NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I used to work in a stressful management job that led to anxiety attacks and burnout. After years of searching for different ways (in both fitness and nutrition) to cope with stress, I made simple changes to my breathing and learned ancient breathwork techniques that made work-life balance actually possible. 


I have since been rewarded with the blessings of this ancient practice many times over and am now hoping to spread the joy and many benefits of working with our breath. 

This course will help you restore balance in your body and mind, move past thoughts keeping you stuck, and create lasting inner peace. I'm excited and honored to be part of your journey and I can't wait to breathe with you!

Meet Your Instructor

Satisfaction Guarantee

14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee


If you don’t like the course for any reason, you can get your money back, no questions asked!


We believe that everyone can benefit from breathwork, and we are confident that you will see positive changes in your life after completing our course. However, if you’re not happy with it, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

  • Who is Transform course for?
    • Beginners, advanced practitioners, Yoga and meditation practitioners, athletes, healers, life coaches • Anyone looking to use their breath to improve their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being • Working professionals and anyone who experience stress, fatigue and burnout and want to create a life of balance
  • I'm new to Breathwork, will I learn the basics?
    Yes! 'Transform' is perfect for beginners, as it takes you on a journey. You first learn how to breathe properly to build the foundation for more advanced breathing exercises that you learn in the later half of the course.
  • When does the course start & finish?
    The course starts as soon as you enroll! It’s a completely self-paced course. You decide when you finish. With 5 weeks of lessons and guided sessions, you can take however long you need. In fact, it's encouraged.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    100% online, For life
  • What is Breathwork & Pranayama?
    Breathwork and Pranayama involve the practice of various breathing techniques to balance, harmonize, strengthen, and cleanse our mind, body and nervous system. It is through this conscious control of breathing that a person’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state improve. Learn More
  • Why is Breathwork important?
    We breathe about 25,000 times a day. If we're not doing it properly, we're never going to be healthy. As the American Lung Association states, "If practiced regularly, breathing exercises can help rid the lungs of accumulated stale air, increase oxygen levels and get the diaphragm to return to its job of helping you breathe". Breathwork is important in helping you breathe effectively even when you're not thinking of it. With increased oxygen levels, your mental and physical state is improved.
  • Are there any contraindications for Breathwork?
    It is not advised to do Breathwork if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, aneurysms, or recent surgery without speaking to your doctor. Additionally, Breathwork is not advised for people with seizure disorders. Breathwork can be practiced by every healthy individual. As breathing techniques can affect the physiology of the body, it can have a profound effect on people that are in poor health and may have certain illnesses. If you are dealing with any serious medical or psychological condition, consult a healthcare professional before practicing breathwork pranayama or any PranaFlo techniques.
  • What is the science behind Breathwork?
    A growing number of studies prove the various health benefits of breathwork. In a 2017 study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, they found that participants who completed 20 breathwork training sessions over eight weeks had significantly lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) than those who did not receive the training. Another study by Harvard Business Review also found that breathing exercises were most effective for both immediate and long-term stress reduction. Modern science is finally catching on to ancient practices! (:
  • Financial Accessibility
    If you are experiencing financial difficulty and can’t afford our courses and classes, please email
  • Can you practice breathwork while pregnant or menstruating?
    Some of the gentle and calming breathing techniques are safe to practice while pregnant or menstruating. Pregnant women are generally advised against strong, dynamic, hyperventilation breathing techniques. Be mindful and always listen to your body.
  • What are the similarities and differences of Breathwork and Meditation?
    Think of breathwork as the workout and meditation as the cool down. Although breathwork and meditation are considered separate practices, both are completely ingrained. If you’ve ever tried to sit in meditation after a long stressful day, you know it can be difficult to quiet the mind of restless thoughts. You may try to focus on the breath, but sometimes it's not enough to calm your mind. During breathwork, we not only focus on our breath, but we also breathe in various patterns, rhythms and in different areas in the body. Breathwork Pranayama involves techniques intended to clear blockages in the body & calm the mind, making it easier to get in deep states of meditation. It is also recommended to sit in meditation after breathwork to allow the systems to calm down and return to balance.


Lay the foundation for a life of more control, happiness & balance

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