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Wellness at Work

The key to a happy & healthy team

We believe that wellness is a journey, not a destination.
That's why we offer ongoing support and resources to help your employees achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Together we can design a wellness solution that meets the specific needs of your organization.
Together we can
strengthen mental well-being,
build resilience,
and find peace, joy & balance in life 

Stress, fatigue & burnout have become common in the workplace, but it doesn't have to be

of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress

view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives

of workers are not engaged at work as a result of stress, leading to a loss of productivity

 of people have experienced burnout at work

From Burnout To Bliss

I remember feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out from my management job. My days were filled with an endless to-do list. I felt like I was running on empty, and my health and relationships were suffering. One day, I started reading 'Breath' by James Nestor. At first, I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything to find relief from my stress and burnout. I started regularly practicing breathwork & meditation and was amazed by the immediate benefits I felt. My stress levels were reduced, I felt more focused and productive, and I was even sleeping better. As I continued my journey with breathwork, I learned how to incorporate it into my daily routine and how to use it as a tool to manage stress and promote wellness. I was amazed by the transformation I was experiencing, both personally and professionally. Today, I am happy to say that I am no longer burnt out. I have a sense of inner peace, balance and happiness that I never thought was possible. Breathwork has changed my life and rewarded me in so many ways. I am grateful for the journey that brought me from burnout to bliss. It is why I'm so passionate about helping others and spreading the joy and many benefits of working with our breath. I am honored to be part of your journey and I look forward to breathing with you. Peace & Love, Amanda

Survey respondents would be open to participating in virtual mental health solutions, if they were offered it through their workplace, such as:

  • Meditation sessions (45%)

  • Desktop yoga (32%)

  • Virtual workout classes (37%)

  • Healthy eating classes (38%)

  • Webinars about mental health topics (31%)

Research by Mental Health America and FlexJobs

Wellness Classes

Our classes are designed to inspire and empower your employees to prioritize their health and wellness.

  • Our Breathwork Meditation classes range from 30, 45, and 60 minutes and can be tailored and adjusted to your organizations' needs. 

  • Classes are offered in person, virtually, or hybrid and can come with recordings.

  • Your team has the option of taking the class while seated at their desk or in the comfort of their own space

Each class includes the following mindfulness practices:


Gentle Movement

Gentle Movement

We start with gentle ergonomic stretches to

  • relieve tension & stiffness,

  • improve circulation and

  • open our breathing system

This eases our way into a state of stillness and we are better able to sit in comfort.

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 7.32.16 PM.png



Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 7.32.37 PM.png



When the restless mind is calm, we enter into a meditative state of stillness and presence.

Through stress reduction and compassion practices, visualizations, body scans, and mantras, we can deepen our connection to our higher source of inspiration and creativity.

We learn breathing exercises to cultivate safety in the body, increase mental clarity and relieve stress & fatigue.

Focusing on the breath calms & centers the mind and brings a greater sense of balance and stability, so that we can respond to life's challenges with clarity.

We integrate evidence-based content and focus on American Psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman's 'PERMA' model of Well-being, which includes 5 elements essential to building a foundation for a happy and flourishing life.

Let's Work Together

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You can also email us at for any questions you may have.


Thank you! I'm excited to work with you!

Please allow 1 business day for me to get back to you. Thank you!

Mindfulness Workshops & Events

Our Mindfulness Workshops are interactive, engaging, and participatory to maximize employee involvement and learning.

  • Positive Atmosphere

    • Whether in person, virtual or hybrid, we foster a positive, supportive, and engaging atmosphere that promotes learning ​

  • Hands-on Activities 

    • Exercises and practical tools to enhance learning and provide employees with actionable steps to improve their well-being

  • Evidence-based content​

    • Our teachings are grounded in best practices, to ensure employees are receiving accurate and effective information​

  • Takeaways 

    • ​We provide employees with resources, tools, and actionable steps they can use to continue their wellness journey after the workshop has ended

  • ​Customization

    • Customized to the specific needs and goals of your organization, we are flexible to accommodate different learning styles and preferences

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Welless Classes
Workshops & Events
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" I liked the positive and calm energy you are giving and your personality love I had Back and neck pain caused by stress, I got introduced to a new way of releasing negative energy and stress, not to judge myself whilst doing it and just feeling better and better physically and mentally every time after doing the breathwork. I would recommend it to anyone"

Sofia D.

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