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The PranaFlo Mission

Our mission is to help you find balance, peace and joy in life.


In times of environmental, economic, and political instability, we are all being tested to evolve in new ways. PranaFlo focuses on finding those ways that help you attain a state of true peace and harmony.


Our Breath, Our Prana, is our Life Force Energy.  We can use it as a tool to heal, transform and live a healthy, happy, balanced, more meaningful life. When you Awaken your Life Force within,  you realize your complete essence, breaking free from any limitations.

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Meet Your Instructor

Amanda Mazarov

Certified Breathwork Pranayama Instructor, YogaLAP - Yoga Alliance

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine 

My name is Amanda. As a personal trainer, I find great joy in helping people feel physically healthy, strong and confident in their bodies. This inspired me to expand into Breathwork Meditation to improve not only our physical health, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. ​


For years, I was looking for all the ways to cope with my stressful job in management. At first, I did what we all do: find comfort in food and an escape in partying. It was a fun, but my body couldn’t keep up. I had no energy and I couldn’t get through my long days at work without pounding cups and cups of coffee. I was fighting fatigue and brain fog, and the caffeine only helped for so long.


I was tired of waking up, feeling exhausted and I knew that if I wanted to do well at work, I had to do something about it.


So I decided to go all in and focus on my health. I spent long hours at the gym, following several programs. I tried fad diets (Whole30, keto, macro counting, meal prepping and calorie restriction of only having two protein shakes and one healthy meal a day… talk about a strict regiment, I know.) I read self-development books and even started meditating, but it was difficult because I had too many thoughts. 


Don’t get me wrong, after a few weeks I felt great. I lost weight. I had more energy. I even found my passion in fitness and wellness, which led me to get certified in personal training. Yay! 

But after a while, maintaining this lifestyle, in addition to my full-time job, was tiring, stressful, and definitely not sustainable. 


I was trying to keep it all together, but I couldn’t find balance. It led me to burn out. I had anxiety attacks. It was hard to fall asleep. I felt alone because at the time it had been 6 years since I last spoke to my family. I wasn’t doing well at work, which caused me to hate being there. It felt like this black hole was slowly pulling me in and everything I tried to do wasn’t working.


When the fear took over and there was no way out, that’s when breathwork found me.


I came across the book, Breath by James Nestor and realized that although I was active and focused on good nutrition, I was breathing in a way that kept me stressed, anxious and tired. 


This led me to explore the realm of breathwork. To my surprise, humanity has been using their breath as a healing modality for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations, yogis practiced Pranayama, a set of breathing techniques to clear physical and mental blockages, mend trauma previously held in the body, calm the mind of restlessness, and ultimately return the body & mind back to a state of balance and harmony.


Within weeks of practicing, my life changed. I had a lot more energy and a sense of mental clarity, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was finally free from the burdens of everyday life. Breathwork Pranayama gave me a breath of fresh air (literally) and a whole new start. I learned a natural way to not only cope with stressful situations, but also let go of the ones keeping me from living a happy, balanced, more peaceful life.

I have since been rewarded with the blessings of this ancient practice many times over and am now hoping to spread the joy and many benefits of working with our breath. 

Our breath is our life. Control our breath. Control our Life.

I'm excited and honored to be part of your journey and can't wait to breathe with you!


Wishing you peace, love and wisdom,



Breathwork For Beginners

10 Minute Guided Breathwork

Start for Free

For many of us, our breathing pattern has changed due to stress and anxiety. We no longer breathe properly, which affects our energy levels.


In this 3 Step Yogic breathing technique, we return to our natural way of breathing. We reconnect with breathing muscles (diaphragm, intercostal, abdominal and neck) and open and cleanse the 3 parts of your respiratory system. This is a great way to energize the body and relax the mind.