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Find Balance in Your Life with Breathwork Pranayama

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The PranaFlo Mission

Our mission is to help you find balance, peace and joy in life.

In times of environmental, economic and political instability, we are all being tested to evolve in new ways. PranaFlo focuses on finding those ways that help you attain a state of true peace and harmony.


Our Breath, Our Prana, is our life force energy.  We can use it as a tool to heal, transform and live a healthier, meaningful and empowered life. When you Awaken your Life Force within,  you realize your true essence - breaking free from any limitations to live up to your true potential.

Discover PranaFlo

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" I liked the positive and calm energy you are giving and your personality love I had Back and neck pain caused by stress, I got introduced to a new way of releasing negative energy and stress, not to judge myself whilst doing it and just feeling better and better physically and mentally every time after doing the breathwork. I would recommend it to anyone"

Sofia D.

Why Breathwork?

Reduces Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Anger

Strengthens & Cleanse the Respiratory System

Calms A Restless Mind

Improves Focus & Concentration

Increases Self Awareness

Helps Process Emotions & Heal Trauma

Improves Sleep Quality

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Regulates Blood Pressure

Aids in Weight Loss

Balances Nervous System

Boosts Immunity

Improves Digestion

Burns 70% of Toxins 

Increases Lung Capacity

Explores Altered States of Consciousness, Consciously

Boosts Energy

Makes Skin Glow

Increases Metabolism

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