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10 Minute Breathwork to Calm The Nervous System

Breathwork includes various breathing techniques where you consciously control the breath and manipule its rhythm and pattern. Some techniques are effective in regulating the nervous system and shifting you out of fight or flight state into greater calm and relaxation.

Breathwork to Calm Your Nervous System

By connecting to the power of exhalations and breathing out in different ways, we are able to let go of our stress and worries.

This routine is perfect for mornings or late afternoons when you need a moment to come back to your center of peace.

Breathwork Session to Calm Your Nervous System:

  • Round 1: Pursed Lips Breathing

Breathe fully in through the nose. Purse your lips like a beak. Exhale out of the tight hole.

  • Round 2: Cyclic Sighing

Breathe fully in through the nose. Open your mouth. Exhale let out a vocal sigh.

  • Round 3: Humming

Breathe fully in through the nose. With the mouth closed, exhale and hum in a comfortable lower octave.

  • Meditation

I hope this practice guides you to a place of peace and calm within, so that you have greater clarity and compassion for whatever life throws your way.


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