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12 Minute Breathwork Routine After A Long Day

With a mix of soothing stretches and a somatic breathing exercise, this quick breathwork routine after a long day is designed to help you shed fatigue, both physical and mental, and transform your evening into a time of rejuvenation.

Tense & Release or Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a therapeutic technique that combines deep breathing with systematic tensing and relaxing of muscle groups to promote physical and mental relaxation.

It is used as a stress management tool, promoting a sense of well-being and aiding in the alleviation of anxiety and physical discomfort.

Regular practice of this routine can contribute to improved sleep, reduced muscle tension, and an enhanced ability to cope with daily stressors.

Let's leave the workplace energy at the door and step into our sanctuary, free from the stresses and tension of the day! 🧡

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