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Easy Breathing Exercise To Calm The Mind | How To Do Ujjayi Pranayama

Learn how to perform this easy breathing exercise called Ujjayi Pranayama Breathwork, also known as Victorious Breath or Ocean’s Breath. If you've been feeling restless due to any uncertainty, this is a great breathing technique to calm the mind and body.

Ujjayi Pranayama heightens your awareness of the breath and helps you better control it. By focusing on the throat’s rhythmic ocean sound, we relieve stress and bring peace and harmony into our entire being.

This is one of the most relaxing pranayama breathwork techniques that is used to prepare for meditation. You can also do these Victorious breaths while working at your desk, taking a walk, or during your yoga practice!

As a gentle reminder, do not place too much stress on the throat. Only you should hear this ocean sound. Most importantly, listen to your body. No need to force anything. If you feel dizzy or light headed during the practice, lay down and breathe normally.


  • Maintains heart health

  • Stimulates thyroid glands

  • Relieves insomnia and mental tension

  • Develops awareness of the subtle body

  • Enhances psychic sensitivity

  • Soothes and tones the nervous system

  • Regulates heating and cooling of the body

Enjoy your Victorious Breath!! I hope it brings you peace, love and wisdom!

🧡 Amanda

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