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15 MIN Strong Yogic Breathing Exercise | Recognizing Your Resilience | Pranayama for Strength

Welcome to your 15 minute strong breathwork pranayama practice! In this transformative session, I'll guide you through three rounds of strong yogic breathing to help you tap into your inner resilience and cultivate a sense of strength and calm.

Through intentional breath control, you'll learn to regulate your nervous system, enhance your lung capacity, and quiet your mind. In each round, we breathe fully and strongly in and out of the nose and at the end of each round we include a breath hold or kumbhaka.

Practicing this breathing exercise daily can help build mental and emotional resilience and increase your lung capacity.

Breath by breath, you'll become more present, grounded, and attuned to your inner self. As you synchronize your breath with mindful movement, you'll release stress, tension, and negative energy, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and self-care as we unlock the power of your breath and help you recognize the untapped resilience within you. So find a quiet space, and let's embark on this 15 minute strong yogic breathing exercise together! 🧡

As always don't force anything and listen to your body!


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