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10 MIN Guided Morning Breathwork to Boost Energy and Wake Up

Wake up with your Guided Morning Breathwork session to boost energy! Add this guided breathwork session to your daily morning routine to feel energized and ready for whatever the day brings.

We perform Chit Shakti Prakriya Pranayama, a breathing technique that opens our energetic system and expands consciousness. For more information and a quick tutorial on how to perform Chit Shakti Prakriya Pranayama: Energy Awakening Breathwork

This is a powerful strong breathwork practice that stimulates our metabolism, cardiovascular system and nervous system. As a reminder, always practice breathwork with patience. Listen to your body and don't force anything.

Enjoy the energy and have a beautiful day ✨ 🧡 Amanda


  • Opens energetic system

  • Stimulates systems of the body (metabolism, cardiovascular, nervous sytem)

  • Energizes body and mind

PRECAUTIONS: Do not practice or practice gently if you

  • Are Pregnant or menstruating

  • Have high blood pressure

  • Suffer from epileptic attacks

  • Have serious heart problems

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