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What is Prana?

In yoga, the breath is known as prana, which means "life force energy."

What is prana

It’s the fundamental energy that is present in all of creation. It is the essence of life itself, and it flows through every living thing, connecting all forms of life to each other and to the universe as a whole.

Prana is responsible for the physical and mental processes that happen within the body, and it’s the driving force behind our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When it’s flowing freely and in balance, we experience a sense of vitality, clarity, and inner peace. But when it’s blocked or restricted, we may feel physical or emotional discomfort and disconnection.

This is why yoga emphasizes the practice of pranayama breathwork. Through mindful breathing exercises, we can learn to control the flow of prana within the body, which can help us regulate our nervous system, heal from past trauma and control our mind and body.

This can lead to a variety of physical and mental benefits, such as reduced stress, improved focus, better sleep and increased energy and vitality.

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