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15 MIN Guided Breathwork For Mental Clarity

We perform 3 rounds of Kapalbhati Pranayama or Skull Shining Breaths. This ancient technique is often called frontal brain cleansing, as it increases the massaging effect on the brain, bringing more clarity. After Kapalbhati, we end with a peaceful meditation to let the systems of the body return to balance.

As always, be patient with yourself. If at all you feel dizzy, you may be exhaling too forcefully. Stop the practice and sit quietly for a few moments.

Hoping you find all that you need 🧡

Love and light ~ Amanda


- Brings clarity in the mind

- Burns excess fat and toxins from the body

- Stimulates blood flow through internal organs

- Improves digestive system

- Balances nervous system

- Boosts immunity

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