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Emotional Release Breathwork |15 MIN Guided Strong Yogic Wim Hof Breathing

A powerful guided Breathwork session to release stuck emotions, relieve stress and mental tension, and open up and strengthen all systems of the body. We perform 3 rounds of strong yogic deep breathing with breath holds at a medium/fast pace.

We often hold on and carry emotional baggage from traumas and stresses, which ends up weighing us down from living our true potential. Here, we use our strong breath to release all that no longer serves us and cultivate peace and harmony!

As a reminder, practice breathwork with patience. You may experience an emotional release in different forms (crying, laughing, tingly sensations) Trust in your own healing process. Don't force anything, listen to your body, and remember you are exactly where you need to be. 🧡 Enjoy your practice!

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